Clinical Exercise Physio

How does it work?

The exercises incorporate all of the “core” muscles of the abdominal, spinal, pelvic and shoulder girdle groups. By improving your activation and strength of these muscles, Clinical Exercise Physio, will improve your alignment and allow you to function at your best.

How Will I Benefit?

  • Improves lower back and abdominal strength
  • Assists in injury recovery
  • Increases general fitness and flexibility
  • Assists with injury prevention
  • Develops and improves posture awareness
  • Helps reduce chronic and longstanding pain

What can it Help?

  • Back injuries
  • Neck and shoulder problems
  • Poor posture
  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Coordination and balance

How Do I Get Involved?

A thorough Clinical Exercise Physio Assessment prior to commencement must be done to take into consideration any pre-existing conditions and assist with identifying specific areas of weakness. Your physiotherapist will instruct you on how to best activate your “core” muscles and introduce you to some of the exercises/equipment utilised in class. Following the assessment, your physiotherapist will help you decide which of the following options meets your needs.

Option One – Join a Class

In each class, members are limited to ensure that exercises can be modified to help address individual needs. It consists of a series of stretching and breathing exercises followed by a combination of mat and equipment-based exercises.

Option Two – Clinical Exercise Group

These classes are limited to a maximum of 4 persons. Each person will have a different exercise program. The physiotherapist will ensure these exercises are performed correctly to address each client’s specific needs to meet their goals.

Option Three – One on One Individual Instruction

A physiotherapist can provide you with a tailored Clinical Exercise Physio program to meet your personal needs. Individual attention from your physiotherapist allows for specific retraining and rehabilitation to assist in quicker achievement of goals. You may wish to independently continue your exercises by utilising a membership to our fully equipped gymnasium.

For enquires regarding booking times or Pre-Clinical Exercise Physiotherapy assessment, charges and further information please call Maddington Physiotherapy Centre on (08) 9459 5777 and our friendly reception staff will be able to answer all your questions.